Getting Started


In order to start using the Agent Management Console you need the following:

  • Installed and working Snare Central Server v7.0.0, or newer.
  • Installed and working Snare Agents, which are compatible with the console as listed in 1.4 above.
  • Firewall rules that allow the Snare Central Server to initiate a connection with the Snare Agent on the specified Agent Remote Management port (usually 6161).
  • Remote Management enabled on the Snare Agent(s) with a known port and password.
  • Remote Management on the Snare Agent(s) allowing connections from the Snare Central Server IP address.

Accessing the Console 

The Agent Management Console is located in the 'System' section (button top right), and found under 'Snare Agents' > 'Remote Management' in the left side navigation menu. 

By default a single objective is created within this section: 'Manage Agents'. 

It is possible to create as many objectives as required, following the standard Snare Central Server method of cloning an existing objective. Simply right-click on the existing Manage Agents objective and select Clone from the menu. 

Likewise, these objectives can be easily renamed and deleted from the right-click menu as well. It is also possible to change the icon of the objective, through the final option in the right-click menu, in order to make it stand out from the others.

By default, each new objective starts off with a friendly message to inform you that it has not been configured yet. To configure the objective, simply click on the Configure icon in the top tool bar as per the above image.  Select the agent type from the drop down menu, adjust the agent list filter as needed to match the desired hosts. Select the set button on the bottom right to save your settings. Once your objective has been successfully configured, you can click the Regenerate button to trigger the configuration check and sync. 

Each objective can be scheduled, like any other Snare Central Server Objective. Simply click the Schedule button in the toolbar and the schedule options will appear. Likewise, you can also configure the Access Control and download the objective report as

an Attachment through their own buttons too.